At the 2016 Pittsburgh Hacker Faire they held a enduro race, meaning you have required pit stop intervals and driver change out.. Team that puts in the most laps takes it. This kind of racing is how I found out about Karting at race Pitt.

Highlights were the Bluth chair truck and Lego Car, from hack Pittsburgh, which also took home the win.

Here you can see Lego Car taking the turn on two wheels for the crowd / moxy points.


-125k VF48 (2016 STi 1K miles)

-125k dark blues 565cc (cleaned and tested)

-125k Fuku turbo inlet (new) 

-125k Prodrive 3 Port ebcs (used) 

-125k Cosworth Phenolic Thermal Spacer 3mm (new) 

-125k grimspeed uppipe / downpipe gaskets

-125k Subaru 807515712 Oil Drain Hose (turbo oil drain)

-125k Denso 234-9011 Air Fuel Ratio Sensor (upstream)

Intake removed, installed the inlet and injectors 

Vf48 turbo install 

one EJ makings

All buttoned up


Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle


This was just test one, image every 2 seconds 30 fps video = 22 seconds (25fps would be 26 sec)


I didn’t have chicken wire. Made this device from wire fence did have.. Tied up the holes with like 30yard of fishing line. Stay away birds. MINE! 

The seeds now are like basketball size. It was soo tall before gravity over took

This is second plant. The bumblebees love it. 


A local detour I took a time lapse of over the projects duration.  This was over a couple months. Trimmed out nights and reduced down half the number of frames that much was not going on so that times like when laying the concrete platforms has more frames.


Tonight I randomly adventured for a second crack at welding. I had stack of disregarded 90 deg 16 gauge steel. Used a grinding cut off wheel to make 4 equal rectangles and 2 squares the short length the rectangles.

Created a spherical rectangle!

A nice weld for sake of progress


One that show the need to learn to adapt and overcome on poor welds.


I assume I can weld over and thicken it out. That’s the derived theory I’m going with.



for 2x slower version look here

This was taken over the span of 30 days. Taking 1 picture per minute (needed to use some scripting magic to reduce the images down).